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Company's core philosophy: people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, quality oriented, realistic and innovative.

 1 Putting People First: People are the most critical, the most active and creative elements. Talent is the most important resource, is the first resource, business competition, the final analysis, talent competition. Companies both loving heart, there's thirsty recruiters. People-oriented company, their talent, everybody was.
 2 honesty: not trustworthy, not sincere no. People with integrity, people bully me; on the matter in good faith, do not fail. The man of integrity, sincerity can affect even metal and stone. Company in good faith as the cornerstone of the credit for the criteria to seek competitive advantage, in good faith attitude towards the company's internal staff, business partners and relevant social organizations.
 3 Quality First: General Electric CEO Jack Welch once said: "Quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty." Brutal competition in the market in the future, the quality of those who were popular, popular who in the world. Quality is the soul, the life, the face of every product we ship to ensure Ningquewulan.
 4 realistic Innovation: innovation is realistic and seek truth from facts, the pursuit of a new high. "Realistic" is the attitude, "innovation" is a method and means. Truth is, their own employees to do a good job, but the most important innovation is the core concept.

 Company vision: to create a permanent great company, a truly worthy foundation evergreen.

 Company objective: to maximize customer satisfaction, creating talents to create brand-name merchandise, the highest camp star enterprise, prosperity and social benefit of mankind.

 The operating philosophy:
 1 Customer satisfaction: internal, external customer satisfaction is the company's strong reputation evidence.
 2 Social contribution: The proceeds of legitimate business to contribute to society.
 3 development of the company: the company for employees to create happiness and development.
 4 continuing operations: maintaining the status quo is the beginning of a recession, innovation is going to start.

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